UL Environment & Sustainability

Over the last century, the meaning of �product safety� has evolved and expanded. Product safety is more than just protection from hazards associated with a product�s use. It�s also protection from a product�s lifecycle impacts on the environment, human health, and social well-being. A business unit of one of the world�s most trusted product safety testing brands, UL Environment is building upon UL�s 120+-year-old legacy of innovation and market transformation to redefine the sustainable product marketplace. Now, more than ever, people are demanding clarity, transparency, and trust from manufacturers of environmentally preferable products. At UL Environment, we�ve made it our mission to ensure that these demands are met. Our global network of award-winning scientists, standards developers, consultants, account managers, government affairs professionals, and marketing support specialists provides manufacturers with a broad range of tools to differentiate themselves in an increasingly green marketplace. From environmental claim validations and product certifications to environmental product declarations and consulting services, UL Environment helps manufacturers achieve their sustainability goals. And because we�re part of UL---a name synonymous with trust---both manufacturers and their customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that a product or service evaluated by UL Environment will live up to its claims. See more than 50,000 credible, sustainable products on SPOT.UL.COM. How can we help YOU today? Email us at environment@ul.com.