Tufail Chemical Industries Ltd.

We are established chemical manufacturers in Pakistan producing LABSA 96% & 90% , SLES 70% & 27% manufactured on imported European plants. We own and operate five different plants, with over 500 employees. Presently we are supplying to all the renowned consumer product manufacturers and also export to different countries. Some of the products we produce are as under: LABSA 96% and 90% 50,000 Tons per year Formic Acid 85% and 90% 12,000 Tons per year Sulphuric Acid 36,300 Tons per year SLES 8,000 Tons per year Alum Sulphate 12,000 Tons per year Zinc Sulphate 7,200 Tons per year Single Super Phosphate 72,000 Tons per year Our Raw Material requirements: LAB (Linear Alkyl Benzene) 38,000 MT per annum Sulphur Lumps / Granules 22,000 MT per annum Ethoxylated Alcohol 4,800 MT per annum Sodium Formate 16,500 MT per annum Aluminum Hydroxide 2,400 MT per annum HDPE (Blow Moulding) 1,000 MT per annum Sodium Sulphate Annhydrous 6,000 MT per annum Sodium Sulphide Flakes 62% 2,000 MT per annum Important Note: We are in search of professionals and companies active in the following fields: (1) Chemical Engineering Technology (2) Chemical Process Engineering (3) Venture Capital-Representing Prominent Financial Institutions from Developed Countries. (4) Experienced Distributors and Export Agents Required for Different Parts of the World