Transfield Worley

Every operator is under pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs while honouring their duty of care and ensuring compliance with complex statutory regulations. Effective engineering and asset management services relies not only on overcoming the technical challenges. The real challenge is to achieve a balance between technology, resources, risk and economic value. The solution is Transfield Worley (TW). We have the vision and commitment to translate ideas into reality through our people, innovative technology, strong leadership and performance-based contracts. Our people are dedicated to creating outstanding results for our clients. Finding better ways to deliver great results on time and under budget is central to the culture and values of our company. We are entrepreneurial; we are tenacious; we are easy to deal with and we are responsive. Co-operation is at the core of our business approach. TW has developed a business model of sharing risk and reward based upon our performance in meeting our client's business objectives.