Tianhe Oil Group

1.Rigs Assembly,HP90,HP70,HP50 Drilling rigs;350HP,550HP,750HP WorkOver rigs.CP300 Offshore jack up drilling rig. 2:Drilling Stem:Drill Collar (DC),Drill pipe (DP),Heavy weight drill pipe(HWDP),square kelly,hexagonal kelly,Coring Tools,DownHole Motor. 3:Drilling tools:Stabilizer,Hole opener, Roller reamer, Casing scraper, Internal Casing Cutter,External Casing cutter,Marine or Mechanical,Key seat Reamer,Kelly Valve,Full opening safety Valve,FT type Drop-in Check Valve,FJ type-Arrow back PressureValve,Inside Bop,Float Valve sub,By pass Valve,Cup tester,Wear Sub,Circulating sub,cross over sub,Reduce sub,saver sub,lift sub, 4:Jars: Drilling jar,Fishing jar,Shock absorber,bumper Jar,Oil Jar,Bumper sub,Jar Intensifiers, 5.Fishing Tools:Bowen-Type OverShot and Fishing Spear,Junk Basket,Junk Sub,Fishing Magnet, 6.Mill Shoes:Flat Bottom Junk Mill,Concave Junk Mill,Bladed Junk Mill,Pilot Mill,Tapered Mills,Economill,String Mill,Skirted Junk Mill,, 7.Service tools:Hydraulic Bucking Unit,Downhole motor tester,Jar tester, ??? 8.Bit:PDC bits, tricone bits.Coring bits. Our Production Advantage: Low Price:We are manufacture. High Quality:We are famous brand world wide. Widely Range:We have more than 200 type different production, Quick Delievery:We are 3 Hours from Shanghai Ports. Our customers such as Weatherford International,Schlumberger,Halliburton,Bowen, Smith,National Oilwell Varco,IDS, Oil Country Tubulars LTD.,Parveen Industries ,Focus Energy ,Emcon,Jaybee Energy,Drill tools ,stable service,Reamco,Triwave,PAI,Express Energy,Hajjah drilling,Front Line Energy ,National Drilling Equipment ,CI Machine,GET, MAREN.BOREDRILL. dean@tianheoil.com