Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd

Thirumalai Chemicals manufacturers a wide range of Industrial & Speciality Chemicals. Starting with the production of Phthalic Anhydride in 1973 at Ranipet, South India, TCL since then has grown to manufacture many other critical Industrial Chemicals: Maleic Anhydride, Fumaric Acid and Malic Acid and various Fine Chemicals and Derivatives. Today, TCL ranks among the largest producers in the world of Phthalic Anhydride, Malic Acid, Maleic Anhydride and Fumaric Acid. TCL has presence in more than 34 countries and its growth has been supported by high quality products, a strong business model and deeply ingrained social values. As a Responsible Care Company, safety, integrity and people are our main pillars. Our REACH certified products adhere to the highest standards of health and safety. We are a welcome citizen in the communities we work in. Our environment practices are among the best in the industry, and we strongly believe in implementing initiatives that contribute to the communities that we work in