Texas Electric Cooperatives

Texas Electric Cooperatives, Inc. (TEC) is the statewide association that represents electric cooperatives in Texas. TEC advocates for its members� interests before the Texas Legislature, United States Congress, and various regulatory agencies. TEC's association division publishes 59 local versions of the award-winning Texas Co-op Power magazine (www.texascooppower.com). Texas Co-op Power is a magazine about Texas living and is designed to enhance the quality of life of cooperative member-consumers. TEC also provides 800 critical safety briefings to more than 3,000 utility workers each year and presents regular management and organizational development trainings. TEC's supply division repairs and remanufactures electric system equipment from its state-of-the-art 160,000 square-foot facility in Georgetown, Texas. The supply division procures new utility equipment and provides supply chain management services from numerous locations throughout Texas. TEC has annual revenues approaching $200 million and employs more than 200 dedicated men and women across Texas. TEC also operates the only cooperatively-owned utility pole production facility of its type in the nation. The 50-acre facility located in Jasper, Texas, makes more than 145,000 poles annually and manages more than 4,000 acres of timberland.