Tesmec S.p.A.

Tesmec Group is leader in designing, manufacturing and selling of systems, technologies and integrated solutions for the construction, maintenance and efficiency of infrastructures related to the transport and distribution of energy, data and material. In details, Tesmec Group is active in the following sectors: 1) STRINGING: designing, manufacturing and supplying machines and accessories for stringing operations and equipment for the construction and maintenance of infrastructures for energy transport and distribution 2) ENERGY AUTOMATION: a complete portfolio of solutions for different voltage classes (high, medium and low) to face the new technological challenges related to renewable energy sources and distributed generation in the sector of the power grids technologies 3) TRENCHER: high powered tracked trenchers for linear excavation of oil, gas and water pipelines, telecommunication networks and drainage operations; surface miners for bulk excavation, quarries and site preparation; specialized digging services 4) RAILWAY designing, manufacturing and supplying railway catenary installation for electrification lines maintenance diagnostic The Group, established in 1951 and led by Chairman & CEO Ambrogio Caccia Dominioni, relies on more than 750 employees and has the production plants in Italy - in Grassobbio (Bergamo), Endine Gaiano (Bergamo), Sirone (Lecco), Monopoli (Bari), in the USA, in Alvarado (Texas) and in France, in Durtal, as well as three research and development units respectively in Fidenza (Parma), Padua and Patrica (FS). Tesmec belives in innovation and sustainable technology: it is always focused on the improvement of performance with respect for the environment and on the developement of technological solutions to fast forward growth and modernization worldwide.