Socar Turkey Aegean Refinery (STAR A.�.) is the biggest Localization Project of Turkey which develop the regional and national economy by creating added Value. With fixed capital investment value of 4.2 billion dollars, STAR Refinery will both secure the raw materials supply need of Petkim and also help create a magnificent additional synergy by providing a higher added value with mutual delivery of both by-products. TSGI is the main contractor for the project and it is a Joint Venture whose partners are Tecnicas Reunidas (Spain), Saipem S.p.A. (Italy), GS (South Korea) and Itochu (Japan). The Joint Venture members have proven successful experience to execute this very complex and challenging project. In the last ten years the members have been awarded Oil Refining Projects exceeding US$25 billion. They are currently executing 19 Oil Refining Projects similar to STAR Refinery. The members combined accumulated experience counts with more than 800 refining units similar to the ones to be built for the STAR Refinery. The members are as well executing projects in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation, United States, Canada, Latin America, Africa, Australia, among others.