TRC is driven by our 4r strategic vision, which is to create and extract value from materials that were formerly considered to be at the end of their useful life. We serve the end-to-end needs of our customers who implement earth-friendly, sustainable solutions using our products. TRC�s 4r Vision: Repair: When equipment or products need to be repaired to extend their lifecycle and productivity. Reuse: To envision and engineer solutions that give a second life to products. Recycle: Create sustainability solutions by taking products that were previously scrapped and converting them into new products. Repurpose: Adapting or altering materials to find new uses, which creates value for our customers. TRC has grown and diversified through acquisition and strategic investments that align with our vision. The TRC brand portfolio is: TECH � Tire & Wheel: Represents TRC�s legacy brand known for quality and innovation all over the world for anything used to retread or repair tires from passenger cars to earth movers. Salvadori � Recycling Products: TRC made a strategic acquisition of Salvadori, based in Rovereto Italy. Salvadori designs, engineers, manufactures and installs equipment to downsize used tires that are then converted into a wide variety of modern products. Pang Industrial - Conveyor Repair Products: Pang Industrial is another TRC acquisition known globally for high-quality repair solutions and tools used to maintain equipment in manufacturing, mining and logistics. TRC has a legacy of working with companies to produce custom products. Our engineering team works directly with clients to develop these proprietary products. TRC also offers private label products that are used by some of the most recognized brands in the tire and rubber industry.

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