TAQA Arabia - Power Group

Global Energy as TAQA Power Sector offers a wide range of engineering, generation and distribution services to meet the deficit in the supply of power in Egypt. has extensive experience customizing and endorsing environmentally sustainable power solutions. finances, designs, constructs, operates and maintains low, medium and high voltage power plants and distribution networks for the oil and gas, industrial, residential, commercial, and tourism sectors in Egypt, has acquired government generation and distribution licenses for the sale of power in the country. Power Generation: Global Energy integrated power generation solutions are designed to meet the everyday challenges of waste power management, emergency power supply, distributed power transformation and outages. We offer specially tailored packages for financing, designing, constructing, managing, operating and maintaining licensed power generation plants of up to 750 megawatts. Proactive preventive maintenance measures and standby/mobile generation facilities guarantee zero downtime. Power Distribution: Global Energy customizes power distribution networks to meet our clients' need for safe and reliable electricity. We take stringent measures to safely construct, manage, operate and maintain medium and low voltage electricity distribution networks.