Synerlink S.A.

Synerlink, a Barry-Wehmiller Packaging Systems company, is a trusted supplier of in-line filling technology for rigid packaging of dairy products and other food and beverages, as well as a leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art integrated packaging lines for ultra-clean, extended shelf-life and aseptic products. Our objective is to offer to our customers flexibility in production, with the possibility to use versatile materials and formats, while ensuring food safety and maximum of performance. Our range of packaging equipment offers a broad range of solutions to meet your needs: FS MACHINES FOR CUPS AND BOTTLES Fill-seal machines can handle a large variety of cup and bottle shapes with filling volume from 50 to 2500 ml. These machines fill your product in preformed cups or bottles made in versatile materials such as glass, terra cotta, aluminium, plastic. The fill-seal machine for bottles is also available as a stretch blow molder/filler block. A sleeve label applicator for cups can be integrated on fill seal lines as well. FFS MACHINES FOR CUPS Synerlink Form-Fill-Seal packaging lines produce packaging in multipacks or in single cups for spoonable dairy products, compotes, jams and desserts. These machines use heat to convert plastic film into custom-formed cups that are filled then sealed and cut according to your SKU requirement. FFS technology allows an attractive marketing appearance carrying a 360� message on high quality printed materials of the thermoformed cups. Our integrated in-line label application enables a high capacity on the FFS lines without impact to production efficiency. COMPLETE LINE INTEGRATION Our team of experts integrate all packaging and line layout constraints in their studies to streamline your production and maximize operational efficiency. Synerlink engineers the optimum end-of-line packaging solutions for single or multipack cups and bottles taking into consideration your marketing and logistic requirements.