Swire Blue Ocean A/S

Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Swire Blue Ocean (SBO) supports the installation of offshore wind farms. SBO operates two highly efficient Windfarm Installation Vessels (WIVs) Pacific Orca and Pacific Osprey. The WIV design focuses on safety, efficiency, and reliability, significantly improving upon currently achieved operating weather windows. The advanced specification features a usable deck area in excess of 4,000 m2, DP 2 station keeping, a 1425 MT crane (Pacific Orca 1200 MT), a total jackable weight of 8,400 MT and a transit speed of up to 13 knots. The WIVs are fitted with high-quality equipment, supported by an advanced preventative maintenance system and incorporate a significant level of operating redundancy. Safety is enhanced through a 6 leg design that will allow the WIVs to remain safely standing on all types of seabed. In addition to the WIVs, Swire Blue Ocean supports the installation of offshore wind farms by offering parent company Swire Pacific Offshore�s fleet of over 80 support vessels. SBO�s ability to manage the broader marine spread assists SBO clients to reduce the number of contractors they need to manage. The SPO vision of "Excellence in Marine Services"? is evident in SBO�s approach to the offshore wind industry. By striving for excellence in safety, recruitment and training, vessel design, maintenance, and management, SBO aim to provide a best in class service to our customers.