Surerus Pipeline Inc.

Since its establishment in 1969, Surerus Pipeline Inc. has become one of Canada�s largest pipeline contractors and a leader in the installation of mid-inch and large-diameter pipe. Surerus has completed pipeline projects through some of Western Canada's most challenging terrain for many of Canada�s largest energy companies and we live up to our corporate motto of Safe Work. Quality Work. As a progressive contractor, we offer a variety of pipeline services that are unparalleled in the oil and gas industry while caring for the safety of our people, the communities where we work and the environment. We are experienced in the construction of small, mid-inch and large-diameter pipelines including mainline cross-country construction using mechanized or manual welding methods in semi-urban, agricultural and forested areas. Whether it is a single project, multi-project program or a multi-year portfolio, Surerus can meet your project needs as the pipeline contractor of choice.