Sunshot Technologies

Sunshot is a leading brand in the Indian rooftop solar power industry. Headquartered in Pune, India, the company has successfully commissioned 200+sites across India since 2010. We adhere to world-class standards in the industry. Which have been showcased at As a company, we are marching strongly towards our mission. We want to reinforce people�s trust in solar energy. We believe that we can empower people to live more sustainably. We are willing to embrace the challenge of helping our governments fight climate change. We want you to join us on this journey to change the world. We are proud to offer you our bespoke solar plants. Performance and reliability are our main priorities. Since our inception, we have been tailor-making solar solutions for various industrial and commercial clients, while maintaining the core values of our customers. Some of our esteemed customers in the past have been companies like: Airports Railway Stations Special economic zones Resorts & hotels Education institutes etc. Corporate Parks & Buildings