Sun Petroleum Georgia LLC.

Sun Petroleum Georgia LLC.(Gulf-Ge) is the Official distributor of Gulf Oil International in Georgia and the leading retail petroleum chain in Georgia; markets and distributes refined petroleum products, lubricants and related products. Gulf-Ge, a wholly owned subsidiary of Energy Investment Venture LLC, a U.S. energy group that operates in the United State of America, UK and Eastern Europe, joined Gulf Oil International, one of the world's leading multinational petroleum players, in its operation in Georgia and the Caucasia region. Gulf-Ge's shareholders which recognized the enormous potential in the Georgian market, has acquired filling stations from Hellenic Petroleum (Eko), Senta, Magnati, OPDC, NRG and OMV-Group (Petrol Ofisi) and initiate a multimillion renovations and rebranding program to allow the implanting the well-known global brand in its stations and facilities. Gulf-Ge will operate in the near future in up to 120 layouts throughout Georgia to be increase to 150 during the next 3 years. Gulf-Ge plans to perform a real revolution in the Georgian Petroleum market, by introducing new standards, quality of products, and quality assurance under the supervision of the Gulf's headquarters in London, to ensure efficiency, accuracy and credibility as well as high quality products, and by rebranding, upgrade and renovate the company's stations.