S�d-Chemie is a highly-innovative, listed, specialty chemicals company headquartered in Munich. With its two divisions of Adsorbents and Catalysts, the S�d-Chemie Group, which has around 5,000 employees, generates total sales of almost 1.1 billion euros. S�d-Chemie holds an extremely strong position on global markets, almost 80 percent of Group sales being realised with customers outside Germany. It systematically exploits the potential offered by fast-growing regions, notably in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. S�d-Chemie�s products ensure sparing use of energy and water as natural resources, enhancing the quality of life for both humans and the environment. Adsorbents guarantee customised products with optimal properties in the sectors of beverages, consumer goods, packaging and foundries. S�d-Chemie�s catalysts are essential for efficient chemical and petrochemical processes and offer optimal solutions in the areas of hydrogen production and emission control. As of 2011 Sud-Chemie became a part of Clariant - for recent information please refer to the Clariant homepage!