Stork IMM

Stork IMM designs, engineers, sells, produces and services injection molding machines and systems. Stork IMM translates its customers passion, craftsmanship, experience and requirements into dedicated solutions. Stork constantly listens to her customers, integrates the insights thus gained into her own expertise and ensures effective implementation in her products. This is a dynamic process. Stork is innovating continuously. It�s the very reason why the Stork injection moulding machine will always be the best, fastest and most reliable sulution for injection molding. Stork stands for maximum reliability resulting in maximum uptime. This entails supplying high quality injection moulding machines as well as impeccable services. Consequently Stork offers you the highest degree of service, allowing our customers to offer their customers the guarantee of maximum delivery performance. Each and every Stork employee is an ambassador for the craftsmanship we offer you. In our book, craftsmanship extends to the way we listen to customers, give advice, develop, manufacture and provide services. This unique brand of craftsmanship is the pride of everyone working at Stork. We�re at your service, day in and day out.