Southwest Generation Operating Company, LLC

Southwest Generation is a rapidly growing privately held energy company based in Denver, Colorado, that is building a diversified portfolio of natural gas-fired power generation assets. Southwest Generation employs a strategy of improving operational efficiency, reducing costs and increasing the overall value of power generation assets. Our clean, efficient gas-fired generation assets are flexible and responsive to the integration of wind and solar generation resources, providing reliable regulation for renewable technologies. Southwest Generation has facilities located in California, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. SWG's flexible power generation capability helps keep electricity flowing reliably to homes and businesses across the Southwest. Our operations and maintenance expertise translates into strong availability factors across our fleet, demonstrating our commitment to providing customers with reliable service. Our clean-burning, natural-gas-fired plants help integrate intermittent renewables into the power grid by quickly ramping up or scaling back production. When our customers need us, we are there to provide power, capacity and ancillary services customized to their businesses and their regions.