Solaria Energ�a y Medio Ambiente

Solaria Energ�a y Medio Ambiente (hereafter SOLARIA), is a company dedicated to selling carbon free energy generated by its solar plants. Specialized media confirms that the solar photovoltaic (hereafter PV) power generation will be the source of renewable energy with the greater growth prospects in term of investments in the medium/long term but also the cheapest source of energy almost worldwide. The future of solar energy is certainly promising. SOLARIA constantly strives to increase the size of its generation portfolio in the markets with the best regulatory frameworks and investment returns, as well as: � minimising its cost structure � optimising the financing cost of its projects � reducing recourse debt, to the very minimum SOLARIA is the parent company of several independent vehicle companies. Each vehicle company operates in turn and independently a solar plant with its own income, expenses and financial debt. Behind each vehicle company there is a solid asset with visible and recurring income that nourishes SOLARIA with dividends giving the necessary resources to continue on the path of growth. SOLARIA also develops the following activities associated to its core business: � Solar power plant custom Operation and Maintenance services � Development and Operation of PV projects SOLARIA currently manages and operates PV plants mainly in Spain but also Italy, Uruguay, Greece with a total generation capacity of more than 360 MW SOLARIA also manages a pipeline of more than 6600 MW of potentially developable projects distributed in Spain and Portugal. SOLARIA plans to continue opening new international markets through an adequate combination of mature European markets and emerging markets DTL Corporaci�n, S.L. is currently the main shareholder of SOLARIA with a 49.8% stake In SOLARIA we are committed to sustainable, visible and profitable growth. Creating value for our shareholders is our main axiom