Solar Energy World

With thousands of customers, Solar Energy World is the fastest growing, independently owned solar system design and installation company in our region, serving Maryland, New Jersey, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Florida and Pennsylvania. As a premium solar panel dealer and installer, Solar Energy World provides a complete solar power solution to residential properties. Solar Energy World's record growth can be attributed to the fact that it provides better service and a higher level of expertise than many of its competitors. Solar Energy World's installation teams have more than 85 years of combined roofing and electrical experience and are employed directly by the company ensuring they are held accountable for every job they do. "We aren't the Walmart of solar and we don't want to be."?, states Laureen Peck, VP of Marketing. "We believe in providing discerning home and business owners with quality work coupled with an easy process. In addition to dealing with utilities'? paperwork and processes for our customers, all our installations done by Solar Energy World employees who take pride in their work."? VISIT OUR SOLAR SHOWROOM (THE ONLY SOLAR SHOWROOM IN MD!) For info & directions go to: www.Showroom.Solar To see independent customer reviews go to: and to Twitter: @solareworld Facebook: Pinterest: