Silvateam s.p.a.

Silvateam S.p.A. is a world leader in the production and marketing of functional vegetable extracts since 1854. The company sells its branded products in more than 60 countries, with a turnover of more than 145 million Euros (2019). Silvateam brings together the knowledge of five companies, Silvachimica S.r.l., Ledoga S.r.l. and JRS Silvateam Ingredients S.r.l. operating in Italy, Indunor S.a. and Silvateam Peru S.a.c. in South America. The company has many commercial offices and warehouses, such as Silvateam Brasil Ind�stria e Com�rcio de Produtos Qu�micos Ltda in Brazil, Silvateam USA in the United States and Silvateam Guangzhou Science & Technology Co. Ltd in China. Silvateam researches, manufactures and develops vegetable extracts, synthetic tannins, fatliquors, tanning auxiliaries, anionic dyes, beamhouse chemicals, resins and special extracts for high quality sustainable tanned leathers. The company manufactures ingredients for the food industry, oenology and beer, mainly pectin, tara gum, tannins, tannic acid and tailor-made stabiliser blends. Silvateam produces also natural additives for animal nutrition and vegetable extracts for industrial applications, such as oil drilling, corrugated cardboard and special tannins for low formaldehyde resins. After the chestnut tannin extraction, the exhausted biomass is used for the production of wooden pellet for domestic and industrial use.