Sierra Hamilton

Energy companies and financial firms trust Sierra Hamilton to provide customized project, consulting and workforce solutions when they need to optimize their organization. We have been doing this for almost 50 years. We do it right. Our clients look to us to: - Provide people, teams and workforce solutions to best fit their technical and business requirements. - Provide flexible work arrangements that meet industry compliance requirements. - Fully stand behind our responsibilities with our commitment and balance sheet, as well as reducing risks by providing necessary legal and insurance protections. Sierra Consulting provides onsite supervision and design for drilling and completions operations in North America as well as international locations. Sierra Workforce Solutions provides a full range of workforce solutions, including contingent staffing, recruiting and payrolling of contractors (our W2 employees), permanent(direct) hire, managed solutions and fully-outsourced services. Auburn Energy Management provides due diligence, technical advisory, back-office solutions and contract operating services to our E&P and financial clients who see opportunities to identify, acquire, operate, optimize or monetize their oil and gas properties.