Seatools BV

Seatools helps its clients in the dredging and offshore energy business achieve higher workability and higher operational efficiency, both key to lowering cost and environmental impact of their fleet. We design, build and service equipment, mainly subsea and much of it custom-made in 3 groups: - Remotely Operated Vehicles & Machines, such as trenchers, rock dump (fall pipe) ROV's, mass flow excavators and diamond wire saws, up to 10,000 ft. etc. - Monitoring & Control Systems, such as (dredging) visualization & simulation, mooring chain monitoring systems and cable & pipe installation monitors, flooding monitors etc. - Subsea components, such as hydraulic compensators, inclinometers and spare parts. We believe the key to our success is the combination of innovation and reliability. We can assist from concept & feasibility studies, full simulation to delivery, and beyond.