Savita Oil Technologies Limited

Savita Oil Technologies Ltd is India's leading petroleum specialities company. The company operates a diversified portfolio of products specialising in Transformer Oils, White Mineral Oils, Lubricating and Automotive Oils and Specialty Polymer products (petroleum jelly, waxes, emulsions). Savita also has a Renewable Energy Division with a portfolio focussed on Wind Energy. While Savita's core operations are based in India, our products and partners are spread across 75 countries worldwide. At Savita, we are driven by our customers� needs, and strive to provide product solutions tailor-made to their requirements. While we strive to adapt to changing market conditions, our fundamental values remain building long-term relationships with all our stakeholders. At Savita, we know and affirm to the value of �Bonds Build Businesses�. In the context of a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive lubricant landscape, Savita recently redefined Savsol and charted a new direction for the brand. While every other lubricant brand talked about performance, Savsol had a differentiator: green performance. Born out of a lifelong commitment to environment-friendly products and initiatives. Backed by Savita, Asia�s first carbon positive petroleum speciality company. Savsol�s new identity embodies this differentiator too. A mascot made from dynamic polygons, dressed in green, racing into the future: The Green Performer.