Sapura Acergy Sdn.Bhd

SapuraAcergy Sdn Bhd is a recently established company in Malaysia with equal ownership between Sapura Crest Petroleum Berhad and Acergy. Sapura Crest Petroleum Berhad is a leading Malaysian oil and gas services contractor and Acergy is an established leader in subsea engineering and installation in the international arena. SapuraAcergy was formed to operate the state-of-the-art deepwater pipelay and heavy lift ship Sapura 3000. Since the company�s formation in 2006, it has secured its first major contract and is enjoying rapid growth in the expanding Asia Pacific market. Based in Kuala Lumpur, SapuraAcergy has built a strong engineering and project management team specializing in technologically sophisticated both deepwater and shallow water engineering. We plan, design and deliver complex integrated projects in harsh and challenging environments. Today, SapuraAcergy employs more than 100 people comprising of technical and support services employees.