Samyang Corporation

Since our foundation in 1924, Samyang Group has entered into the markets of sugar manufacturing, integrated synthetic fiber, and flour milling based on righteous and trustworthy management, and greatly contributed to both the increase in Korea�s living standards through the provision of food, clothing, and shelter, and the development of the national economy. Upon entering the 21st century, Samyang Group established the vision of �Ingredients that add value to life� and proceeded to build our core businesses in chemicals, food, biopharmaceuticals, and packaging. Based on our competitive edge in these sectors, we have dedicated ourselves to the pursuit of change and innovation in order to become an R&D-based global company offering specialized products and services while exploring new business growth engines. In November 2011, Samyang Group was launched as a holding company to set apart the manufacturing and investment businesses to essentially promote corporate governance transparency and increase our brand name value. Samyang Holdings has various subsidiaries that operate major businesses, including Samyang Corporation, Samyang Biopharmaceuticals Corporation, and Samyang Packaging, and currently practices prompt decision-making and responsibility in management tailored to the traits of each business sector.