STEAG Energy Services do Brasil

STEAG Energy Services do Brasil is wholly owned subsidiary of STEAG Energy Services, part of STEAG Group, a well-known provider of professional and expert energy services worldwide. Since 2002, STEAG Energy Services do Brasil, based in Rio de Janeiro, is offering its services, Engineering and Operation and Maintenance, to customers in the South America market. STEAG Group owns approximately 10 GW capacity, including solar, wind, thermal, etc... Being in the investor's side, allows us to offer the best solutions for Engineering and Operation and Maintenance. Currently, STEAG operates more than 6 GW of third parties and 10 GW of its own plants. STEAG Energy Services do Brasil also provides services in the renewable energy sector with contracts in Brazil with more than 1.5 GW. The company also have a Operation and Monitoring Center in Rio de Janeiro. If you enjoy challenges, stay tuned on the latest updates on STEAG Energy Services do Brasil or get in touch for more information: E-Mail: Phone: +552130348901 For more details and additional information, please also visit our website: