STAR Rafineri

SOCAR Turkey is in the course of establishing SOCAR Turkey Aegean Refinery (�STAR�) on Aliaga Peninsula in Izmir and one of the critical investments for SOCAR Turkey�s value chain. The Refinery�s annual production capacity will be 10 million tons of oil-derived products including naphta, diesel (one of the most important components of the current deficit in Turkey), jet fuel and LPG, which is the raw material of petrochemicals. STAR Refinery carries out its operations in compliance not only with national legislation, but also with relevant internationally renowned standards (such as performance criteria of International Finance Corporation) in terms of safety, health, environment and social impact management. The project has been designed with the most advanced processing technology that is both economically feasible and environmentally sustainable. Environmental stewardship, reliability and process safety by the Project design, and social responsibility are integrated into construction and operation stages.