The company, SSE DO BRASIL, began working in the subsea market since early 2009 in a partnership with an international subsea company. In February 2013, the shares of the foreign company were acquired by the Brazilian partner, changing its name to SSE DO BRASIL, subsequently becoming a 100% Brazilian company. In the last four years the company has been establishing itself in the oil and gas market and today is recognized amongst the best in this region; providing services with quality, efficiency and competence. SSE DO BRASIL currently consists of four administrative staff and a team of over 20 subseas of various levels of experience and qualification. Skilled labor for operation, maintenance, repair and upgrades of well control equipment including BOP, tensioners, compensating, accumulators, HPU, kill and choke valves, manifold but not limited too. WHY SSE? High quality, safety, efficiency, reliability, fair price. SSE is here to provide sustainable solutions to our customers and increase the efficiency and reliability of their operations. We appreciate that ensuring quality is the way to achieve such results and we dedicate wholly our efforts to offer quality people and achieve the best results. Offering superior service is not enough if it comes with a high price and that is why SSE is abreast with the best in the market place. We have developed a highly efficient operational system where we can offer the highest standard at a very fair price. We understand this is the best arrangement for the clients, especially during the brutal market downturn, �maintain high quality at reduced costs�. As a consequence of our strategy and the satisfaction of our customers, SSE has lead the Latin American Subsea Well Control market for more than four years and, in 2016, SSE made its mark amongst some of the more household names for subsea services in the world, with an impressive number of man/days even during the current market downturn.