SEPCO with more than 60 years of experience in power energy and oil & gas sector has turned from a local and domestic chines national electric and power contracting company to a leading contractor in the region with an international repute. Sepco a company established from Shandong has not only covered chinese local market but also has covered successfully the whole region from South Asia to Middle-east, and from Africa to South America while covering more than ten countries including China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Zambia, Brazil, etc SEPCO has completed projects more than 870 generating units with an installing capacity of 130 million kilowatts substations with a total capacity of 113,000 megawatts, transmission lines more than 24,000 km with full dedication and slogan to enlighten the world. SEPCO, as one of the most famous & reputable international contractor,has become an international engineering contractor with a vast experience in this field and playing an active and important role on �The Belt and Road Initiatives"?. SEPCO with an asset of more than 6800 workers owns construction team, covering the domestic and the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Americas, Africa and other regional branches, with a radiation global information technology control system, professional 3D digital design control team, let us have a world-class engineering Project EPC management capabilities. SEPCO has been awarded construction awards more than 14 times like, China Construction Industry Top Award - Luban Award, "Indian Electric Power Outstanding Project Award"?, "India's Best Building Engineering Achievement Award"?, "India EPC Project World Outstanding Contribution Award"?, Shell Oil Best Contractor, Ami Oil Build an excellent example of a project. SEPCO is developing strategy of Global development, concentric diversity, transformation and upgrading, world-class "development strategy, will enable Shandong Electric Construction in the domestic and foreign infrastructure, power, petrochemical and other fields to create new glories SEPCO have developed a strong and valuable trust and relationship with his valued customers with outstanding services and best and long term relationship policies. SEPCO is turning in to world-class enterprises as a global brand with excellence.