SAExploration is a global seismic company to the oil and gas industry. SAExploration maintains offices and / or operations in the United States (Houston, Texas and Anchorage, Alaska), Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Egypt, Greece, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. SAExploration offers a full range of onshore geophysical acquisition services from design, survey, drilling, recording, processing and field quality analysis. SAExploration also offers marine geophysical acquisition services, specializing in ocean bottom seismic (OBS) with capabilities ranging from tidal zones, transition zones, shallow-water and deep-water and operational depths of 3,450 meters. At SAExploration, our goal on every project is to leverage the right technology that meet the specific needs of each individual project. Technical experts at SAExplorations can advise you on the vast array of benefits when using different wireless Ocean Bottom Node Systems (OBN), Node-On-A-Rope (NOAR) based on your project objectives and parameters. SAExploration utilizes machinery like the OnSEIS synchronized Impulsive Source Vehicle and marine vessels such as the TZ40 Series and the GeoTiger in order to maintain maximum results alongside the latest technology. SAExploration is committed to maximizing the quality of seismic processing, providing a variety of processing techniques including Wavefield Separation, Depth Focusing Velocity Determination, 3D Pre-Stack PSPI Migration, 3D Wave-Equation Multiple Attenuation and Isotropic and Inisotropic Converted-Wave Imaging. To better serve clients, SAExploration has recently integrated ETHOS� and Geotrace�s DIAMOND� seismic processing software to create SPARC, a program capable of providing processing capabilities that cover everything from the point of acquisition through reservoir characterization.