SADRA (Iran Marine Industrial Company)

Iran marine industrial company (SADRA) started it`s operation in 1968 in Bushehr with the goal of ship building and ship repair.On 1981 and urgency to exploit the country`s potentials in oil and gas in Persian Gulf ang Caspian Sea and necessity of forming the related industries, SADRA expanded it`s operation to the off shore industries. Today this company is active in three main fields of construction and repair of different vessels, construction of various oil and gas platforms and execution of infrastructure projects, and has shipyards and marine equipment in both Persian Gulf (Bushehr) and Caspian Sea (NEKA)regions. SADRA`s main missions are to design and execute oil, gas and petrochemical projects, design, construction and installation projects. In this regard, SADRA`s main goals are being one of the main contractors of oil, gas and petrochemical projects, effectively participating in the international arenas and successfully executing projects outside of our borders. This firm has accomplished more than 150 large and small projects in the offshore industry so far, the most important ones being south pars gas fields phases 1,4,5,6,7 and 8, Amir Kabir, Semi Submersible drilling rig, Salman gas field, Urmieh Lake causeway and Mobin petrochemical refinery water intake