S-Chem Petrochemicals Company

Saudi Industrial Investment Group (SIIG) with Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, through a wholly owned affiliate Arabian Chevron Phillips Petrochemical Company (ACP), has two 50/50 joint venture projects in the Eastern Province Industrial City of Al-Jubail: Saudi Chevron Phillips Company (SCP) and Jubail Chevron Phillips Company (JCP). A third joint venture, Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo), is jointly owned by ACP and National Petrochemical Company (Petrochem). Saudi Chevron Phillips Company (SCP), Jubail Chevron Phillips Company (JCP) and Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo) are collectively known as S-Chem. ? Saudi Chevron Phillips Company (SCP) SCP began commercial production in December 1999 and produces Benzene, Motor-Gasoline and Cyclohexane. Saudi Chevron Phillips is owned by ACP and SIIG each with a 50% share Jubail Chevron Phillips Company (JCP) Commercial production started in the second half of 2008. The products comprise Ethylene, Styrene and Propylene. Ownership of this company is equally distributed between ACP and SIIG. Saudi Polymers Company (SPCo) SPCo has been recently established , started commercial production in 2012 and is owned 65% by Petrochem, and 35% by ACP S-Chem is considered one of the pioneer companies in developing the industrial foundation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, specifically the petrochemical industry. The objective is to lead the way for the private sector to invest through the petrochemical industry.?