RelyOn Nutec (NL)

Time is money. The production of the platform must continue, the ship must reach the port in time to load and unload and the project must be delivered on schedule. Each disruption to that process must be prevented or solved in as little time as possible. It is therefore very important that effective action is taken before, during and after calamities. RelyOn Nutec (formerly Falck Safety Services) trains people to act effectively. Whether it concerns the start of a fire, a leakage of hazardous substances or a large-scale evacuation. RelyOn Nutec has training in their broad training portfolio for all situations. RelyOn Nutec offers training at various levels for those people in the front line right up to the highest management levels of a company. After all, every moment of an incident demands specific attention. The actions taken by the people involved are partly influenced by their knowledge and skills (theoretical and practical), experience, awareness, characters and the support of the organisation. All these elements are dealt with in the various levels of training that RelyOn Nutec offers. In order that organisations and their personnel are optimally prepared to be master of every situation.