Red Energy

Red Energy, Lumo Energy and Direct Connect are proud to be owned by the mighty Snowy Hydro. Celebrating the scheme�s 70th anniversary this year we�re steeped in history but always looking forward to shaping the future of energy in Australia. That's why our Customer Solutions Team is based right here in Australia. So when you call, you'll always be answered by a friendly voice and you'll have that same person help you from the beginning to the end of your call. That's how we like our service - personal, simple and easy. Living energy is being small enough to really look after you, but big enough to give you the most affordable energy. We are based in Melbourne and employ over 1200 people. Initially we supplied electricity to Victorian households but have since expanded into South Australia and New South Wales. We also supply Gas in Victoria. For customers in Victoria and South Australia we promise that for every unit of electricity bought from Red Energy Snowy Hydro Limited will match by generating one unit of electricity from a renewable source

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