RMT Valvomeccanica Srl

The company is one of the oldest valve manufacturer in Italy. Since 1950 design and manufacture were concentrated on lubricated plug valves in standard and inverted pressure-balanced designs. For 40 years the company operated successfully improving its skills and capabilities, up to the beginning of the �90s when the company was liquidated due to market changes and the growing attention of the owners to forgings and ball valves production. In 1998 the activity found a new beginning with the name �La Valvomeccanica S.p.A.�, incorporated in Solbiate Olona (VA) as a public limited company specialized in small and medium ball valves. In the same year, �RMT Valves s.r.l.� was established in Voghera (PV), as a trading company supplying service to major worldwide Engineering & Construction companies for all types of on-off valves: ball, gate, globe, check, butterfly and plug. In 2008 the good collaboration between the two companies led to the merger of the two companies into �RMT Valvomeccanica s.r.l.�. RMT VALVOMECCANICA is included in the GIVA group, an Italian group founded by Mr. Antonio Vienna in 1962 in Northern Italy, which performed in 2008 a turnover exceeding 650 Million Euro. Actually the group includes steel mills, such as Italfond, and important forge masters, such as Forgiatura A.Vienna, which can supply big forgings up to 120 tons and shell rings up to 8 meters in diameter, with a wide range of materials. Supported by the international experience and the innovation of the group, in the last years the company improved products quality and customers satisfaction. Moreover RMT Valvomeccanica has risen to the top of the market thanks to its competitiveness and the capacity to adapt to the continuous evolutions occurring within the market itself. The factory and headquarter of the company are located in the town of Solbiate Olona, just North of Milan in the very heart of the Italian and European valve industry.