READ Cased Hole

READ is the specialist in production and integrity evaluation. The definitive information that we deliver helps you better understand the performance of your wells. This enables you to make qualified decisions quickly and with confidence, minimising risk and maximising efficiency. Through our sole focus on production and integrity evaluation, we have an enviable track record for delivering straightforward solutions to the most complex of well situations, utilising proven technology. You may know of us... � We have 25 years of concentrated cased hole logging experience and a reputation for delivering assured diagnostics to help our customers truly know their well. � We are proud to be independent and impartial, offering the benefit of our expertise without the pressure to buy add-on services or products. � We work with some of the industry's blue-chip operators and never losing sight of their needs. � We are immensely proud of our impeccable safety record. What you might not know: � We are a world leader in coiled tubing memory logging services � We deliver best-in-market diagnostics through maintaining a 1:1 ratio of analyst to operating crews � we have an analyst for every job � Our in-house experts have analysed more than 14 million feet of log data � We've delivered more than 1,500 answers for our customers � More than 50% of our answers are delivered to you in less than six hours With our head office in Aberdeen and bases in Norway, Australia and the Middle East, READ employs a small and highly-skilled team dedicated to production and integrity evaluation. We are resourced and ready to mobilise worldwide at the shortest of notice. Whatever the well, whatever the challenge, READ's best-in-class technologies and diagnostic excellence ensure that you have the accurate answers to plan immediate action to maximise the long-term performance of your wells. It's straightforward. It pays to be well informed.