As a global company, Q8 is one the top fuel providers in Europe. We have close to 5.000 service stations in Europe, of which over 700 in the Benelux region, operating under the brands Q8, Q8 easy and Tango. The professional driver can use the Q8 Liberty Card and fuel in a large network. Our main offices in the Benelux are situated in Antwerp (B) and The Hague (NL). Next to gasoline, we offer electrical charging and CNG, while solar panels are steadily being integrated in our stations. In many stations, customers can enjoy extra services in Delhaize shops, fresh sandwiches and pastries from Panos and quality coffee from Nespresso. The Q8 smiles app or card allows you to save Smiles and cash in nice gifts. Additionally, we have a highly advanced blending plant for lubricants (Q8Oils) in Antwerp and a state-of-the-art research facility at Europoort (NL). We offer home heating fuel for private persons and supply chain services to professional end-users and wholesalers. Our International Diesel Services (IDS) focuses on stations for long-haul transport and Q8Aviation offers airport fueling services at many top key international and regional airports. But we don�t stop there: Q8 has embarked on a transformation journey from a fuel & commodity company to a mobility player, with sustainable fuels and services for customers and vehicles, in any form. We invest in new services such as mobile payment; e-mobility with partners like Ionity and we are looking for opportunities in the field of mobility. Here we took a share in SnappCar, the largest carsharing company in the Netherlands. Working towards a durable future, we will continue to innovate and invest in better energy.