Polskie LNG

Polskie LNG Company is the operator of President Lech Kaczy�ski's LNG Terminal in �winouj�cie. The key objectives of Polskie LNG S.A. encompass the operation and development of the facility, promoting LNG market in Poland and in the region, as well as further development and providing the clients with new services related to liquefied natural gas. The establishment of the terminal contributed to the increased energy security in Poland as well as the countries of Central-Eastern Europe; moreover, it enabled the import of liquefied natural gas to Poland from any direction in the world. The processes currently handled and services rendered at the terminal include the following: - LNG unloading from the vessel at the unloading berth - LNG process storage in tanks - LNG regasification and send-out to the National Transmission System - LNG loading into road tankers and ISO tank containers The annual regasification capacity of the LNG Terminal is 5 bcm. The facility includes two cryogenic process storage tanks with the capacity of 160 000 m3 each. Polskie LNG manage LNG Terminal Expansion Program comprising the following projects: - increasing the regasification capacity from 5 to 7,5 bn Nm3 (additional SCVs) - construction of the railway siding for loading LNG on tank cars and ISO tank containers - construction of the third LNG process storage tank - construction of the second jetty