Petro-Canada Lubricants

Around the world, wherever machines and equipment need to perform, there is relentless pressure to keep them operating reliably, to maximise productivity and business performance. A key to improving reliability, reducing operating costs and improving productivity are the lubricant products your equipment relies on. And that means finding the perfect lubricant supply partner. Through decades of pioneering R&D, Petro-Canada Lubricants produced more than 350 world-class lubricants, specialty fluids and greases for demanding users worldwide. Our expertise spans a huge range of applications and industries, including high performance, heavy duty engine and driveline products proven to stretch drain intervals and reduce costs even in the most extreme working environments. We supply high performance automotive axle/gear and transmission fluids. Our advanced hydraulic fluids protect all kinds of vital machinery from mining excavators to waste trucks. Our oils keep transportation from passenger cars to railway engines moving. We protect stationary gas engines. We make class-leading lubricants trusted by food manufacturers and packers, and the highly refined white oils the global cosmetics industry depends on. The foundation of this performance excellence is the ultra-pure crystal-clear base oils made in our Mississauga refinery, one of the largest in the world with an annual capacity of more than a billion litres. This is how we keep people and businesses moving in more than 80 countries worldwide.