Peoples Natural Gas

Since our founding in 1885, Peoples has been providing clean, reliable natural gas to our customers. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, our company now services over 740,000 homes and businesses in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Kentucky. On March 16, 2020, Peoples was acquired by Essential Utilities, Inc. Peoples retained its name and identity, and now operates under the Essential family of companies. Today, Peoples continues to grow by investing in our infrastructure and our communities. We are extending pipelines and bringing natural gas to new communities where it was previously unavailable. We are also re-establishing ourselves as a committed community partner and a leader in the natural gas industry. From the industrial age to the technology era, Peoples has been an integral part of the fabric that makes up this region. Our mission is to serve our customers well, support economic development, make a cleaner environment, and create jobs. By supporting these four pillars�home, business, environment, and community�we�re working to move the region forward. And so, each day we must ask ourselves, �How can Peoples make your life better?�