Pearson Packaging Systems

WHY work with us? You�ve got a product people want. You produce a lot of it; in fact, your production runs around the clock, most likely even on weekends. Walmart and Costco want it on their shelves. Restaurants and Convenience stores are clamoring for it. And the world of e-commerce provides a completely new outlet. But do you have enough hands to set up boxes, pack them with your product, seal and stack them into trucks to go out the door in time? When manual labor is in short supply, too unreliable, too expensive or too slow for your products to get to your customers, Pearson Packaging Systems is your answer. We are your one-stop-shop to automate your entire end-of-line packaging process - or just parts of it. And if you have already started to embark on your journey to greater productivity, quality, efficiency, and operational savings, but results aren�t show-worthy yet - let us help you get there! Why work with US? With a product in high-demand, optimizing and automating the packing process is unavoidable. However, while automation paybacks are extensive, the investment isn�t a small one either. So you want to be sure that after all is said and done, your production is meeting goals, operators are comfortably using and maintaining the equipment, Total Cost of Ownership is minimal, and the �just-in-case� service support is reliable, quick and competent. You want a partner you can rely on. 65 Years in Business 25 Years of Robotic Integration Experience Over 21,000 Deployed Machines 180,000 sqft State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facilities Optimized for 24/7, high volume operations