Peak Completion Technologies, Inc.

Peak Completion Technologies, Inc. is a leading oil and gas down hole technology provider that offers in-house engineering, manufacturing, and dedicated service to operators around the globe. The foundations of our company are proprietary technology, custom design, quality tools and service, results, and cost-savings. Since our formation in 2003, Peak has been using these foundations along with our Guiding Principles �Innovation, Quality, and Experience, to create and deliver reliable tool systems that bring a fresh new take on increasing operation efficiency. We have become the go-to expert on liner hangers, service tools, completion tools, and fishing services with extensive oilfield experience from our team of over 200 specialists. Peak is focused on developing cutting-edge techniques and has pioneered several of today�s industry best practices. With strong capabilities for customized down hole systems, we look to take on new challenges that push the limits of reducing the time and resources that are needed to successfully service and complete a well in today�s economic environment. Peak offers a comprehensive line of proprietary completion tools, service tools and liner hangers that will help you optimize your project from planning to installation. Our proven technologies are designed to maximize efficiency, improve production from both conventional and unconventional resources, minimize risk, and save you time and money on your overall completion operation. Peak Completions'? systems have been installed in major producing and exploratory formations worldwide. We commit to providing you with the highest level of excellence: field-proven technologies, ultra-efficient operations, and unparalleled customer service.