Pars Oil Company

PARS OIL COMPANY was established in 1958 with the aim of producing diverse lubricants and up to 1978, produced and offered its products under the trade mark "SHELL"?. At the moment this company stands as one of the greatest producers of industrial and engine oils and the chief producer of grease in IRAN. PARS OIL CO. Pioneering the production of lubricants has been awarded ISO-9001-2008 and has been registered as meeting the requirements of ISO-14001 certificate for all it's products. with a wide range of facilities and qualified experts Pars Oil Co., While meeting the common needs of the industries based on the proposed qualities, is capable of producing new item and their substitutes. Among them, there are grease of steel & Mine Industries, Axle greases, Diecast Mould oil, etc. In line with the national goals and in order to satisfy the needs of shipping lines, Pars Oil Co. managed to produce and offer marine oils for the first time in IRAN in 1994. Pars Oil Refinery consists of the following units: Furfural Extraction, MEK Dewaxing, Blending, Can & Drum Making, Filling, Packaging and Palletizing..