Parkeon, the world leader in parking management solutions, has established itself as a major player in ticketing solutions for public transport. As a pioneer in the development of autonomous, reliable and economical multi-place parking meters, Parkeon has remained at the forefront of many technological changes and new uses for urban mobility. Parkeon's solutions are developed in order to meet the challenges of metropolises, conurbations and cities by focusing on 3 key areas: � Good city living for city dwellers Parkeon is committed to facilitating the mobility of city-dwellers and contributes to making city centres more dynamic while at the same time acting for a more pleasant quality of life. � Thoughtful investments for decision-makers Parkeon works alongside cities and operators to design solutions that combine optimised revenues and reduced operating costs while guaranteeing an optimal quality of service and providing scalable systems and equipment. � A responsible approach for all Parkeon develops solutions rooted in responsible and sustainable development to encourage mobility that respects city dwellers and their environment. Parkeon and Cale are merged to become FLOWBIRD. The worldleaders in parking and transport ticketing solutions, are joining forces to create a new global entity with a new brand � FLOWBIRD � with a signature: Urban Intelligence