Parallel Products

We are North America�s leader in unsaleable beverage destruction and recycling. Our goal to recover and reuse the absolute maximum amount of resources from the products and wastes we receive. Because of our ethanol recovery and plastics sorting operations, we have set the bar for recovery/reuse in our industry. - 13 million cases of distressed or out-of-date beverage products a year - 120 million pounds of plastics - 4 million pounds of aluminum - 70 million pounds of glass - 7 million pounds of other packaging materials - Recover/manufacture 5.5 million gallon of waste-derived ethanol Parallel Products is unique in the marketplace for two reasons. Firstly, our liquid recycling programs in Louisville, KY & Ontario, CA. convert beverage wastes (soda, juice, beer, wine, spirits etc) into waste-derived fuel grade ethanol. The ethanol is utilized by major oil companies as a clean air additive in their gasoline blends. Materials that would otherwise be unusable wastes now contribute to the production of 51 million gallons of gasoline without the negative effects of food offsets and increased groundwater contamination. Secondly, our application of high speed optical sorting, grinding, and separating technologies in order to add value to bottle bill redemption plastics in the Northeast insures higher quality and higher usage of redeemed plastic, glass and aluminum containers. Annually we are adding value to over 30 million pounds of plastics for our customers.