Pacific Hydro

Founded in Australia in 1992, Pacific Hydro is a global renewable energy owner, operator, and developer. We operate a high quality, diversified portfolio with an installed capacity of 850 MW across Chile, Australia, and Brazil; are currently developing a substantial number of projects totalling over 2 GW of potential wind, solar, and hydroelectric capacity; and have a growing electricity retail business in Australia. Pacific Hydro has an established record of identification, development, and operation of renewable energy assets, and significant in-house expertise across our international operations. Pacific Hydro was acquired by the State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC) through its subsidiary, State Power Investment Overseas of China (SPIC Overseas) in January 2016, after obtaining approval from the Australian Government�s Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) and participating in a highly competitive international sale process. SPIC is one of the top five power generation groups in China, with US$131 Billion total assets and a total installed capacity that exceeds 120 GW. SPIC operates in the generation, coal, aluminium, logistics, finance, environmental protection, and high technology industries. SPIC has a presence in 36 countries and regions including Australia, Chile, Malta, Japan, Brazil, Turkey and Vietnam. Pacific Hydro�s operating assets in Australia currently abate over 1.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution every year. Pacific Hydro has built a strong reputation for engaging with the communities within which it operates and has a track record of collaborating with local communities to deliver lasting, sustainable benefits.