PVH - PVHardware

PV Hardware (PVH) is a provider of innovative solar tracking solutions for the global utility-scale solar market, including trackers, fixed structures and SCADA system. Each solar tracker product by PVH covers different needs, depending on the characteristics of the project. AxoneDuo horizontal single-axis solar tracker with central driveline architecture in dual-row is our latest design developed and designed to offer a perfect balance between our well-known Axone and Monoline solar trackers. Installable on any terrain and prepared for any type of module, including the bifacial, it resists strong winds and adverse climates. The Monoline trackers stand out because of their motor-per-row architecture, which makes them especially suited for hilly terrain and irregular shaped plots (with the option of bifacial version). On the other hand, the Axone 4.0 tracker is distinguished by its linear and pull/push driveline and centrally located motors, which make it very useful for reducing the operational and maintenance costs of PV projects without compromising their potential. Founded in 2011, PVH has an annual production capacity of more than 6 GW, having supplied more than 8 GWp to photovoltaic plants operating in many countries around the world. Thanks to this, PVH has the necessary experience to properly manage solar tracker installations of any capacity, at any location.