PTT Energy Solutions Company Limited (PTTES)

PTT Energy Solutions Company Limited (PTTES) was established in 2011 through the 4 shareholders between companies within the PTT Group, including PTT Public Company Limited (PTT), PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), IRPC Public Company Limited (IRPC), and Thai Oil Public Company Limited (TOP). PTTES is committed to deliver an extensive range of technical and engineering consulting services, as well as focus on the use of technology and innovation to increase competitiveness for customers� businesses, both within the PTT group and in other industries. In addition, PTTES is designing and developing various kinds of programs/platforms to reinforce learning potential, ensuring the sustainability to clients' businesses. Vision "A trusted consulting company that provides intelligent solution to promote sustainability for customers in the region by 2022"? Missions 1. Build proficiency to create an ecosystem of services that provides a one-stop-service to customers 2. Seek and build proprietary products / services / solutions to enhance client competitiveness using technology and innovation 3. Strengthen portfolio and capture new market opportunities beyond PTT Group 4. Create supportive process, environment, and culture that promote individual and team learning & development and that motivate people Business Overview PTTES products and services will follow the new business plan that integrates existing services with digital systems. It will be operating under the concept of 'Digital Driven Operation for an Ecosystem of Smarter Industry', which has 5 main products and services as detailed 1. Sustainable Development 2. Engineering Design & Management 3. Process & Value Chain Management 4. Reliability, Asset Integrity & Maintenance 5. Technical & Technology Support Moreover, PTTES has created the �PTTES Digital Platform� to provide customers with convenient access to our technical, engineering and technological products and services