PT. Samson Tiara

For more than 20 years Samson Tiara has been the benchmark for safety and survival training in Indonesia. Specialising in the provision of a wide range of client focused safety training programs to the offshore oil and gas, maritime, underwater, construction, mining, aviation and general hazardous industries, Samson Tiara strives to bring the best safety training to Indonesia and its growing workforce. At Samson Tiara our VISION is to create centres of excellence for safety training and our MISSION is to provide the industry with the most effective, realistic and state of the art training available thereby enhancing safety awareness in the workplace and making a positive contribution to the lives of our training participants and customers. To realise this vision and mission Samson Tiara constructed the best and most well equipped training facility in Indonesia to date and maintains a roster of highly qualified local and expat instructors and management to ensure the highest level of safety, quality and training outcomes for our extensive clientele. To find out more about Samson Tiara and what we can do to make your work force safer and more effective feel free to read up on our courses listed under services or contact our friendly staff to discuss your training needs or organise a tour of our facilities.